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Upcoming Dark Elf LOVE
05-13-2018, 02:39 PM,
Upcoming Dark Elf LOVE
Okay lads, Nottingham is starting to ramp things up, and Focus is at least mentioning that they are looking at getting "on the same page"

So, more coming down the pipeline

1)  Chaos

Yep, more planned, they've already "expanded the Star Player list".  In fact a "new goal" is to expand the recruitment possibilities for ALL teams from 6 players to 10 players.  Lot of new options...

2)  Dark Elf Love

Yep, they are "officially" getting the "love up" 1st as GW is agreeing to slow the Chaos down a little for the World Cup 2018 (no not THAT one)  Thus, Dark Elves getting the new Special love, and that include a few adjustments.

New wizard for the Dark Elves, though they haven't "confirmed the spell set".  I'll have the firm answer in another month or so.  New Star Players.  And the most interesting "proposed change" is the adding of a new Skill to the Witch Elves.  "Weeping Dagger".  What this skill does is allow you to reroll a Badly Hurt you cause against your opponent.  Ouch!

3)  Cheerleaders

Ho boy.  LOTS of cheerleaders including they may be bringing in more "cheerleader" use or functions.  However right now only one "infamous" coaching staff deals with the moment.  Dark Elves might be the 2nd team getting that kind of help.

4)  Release timeline

For the NAF and GW, less than 3 months.  So after the Majors is done with this year.  For Focus?  After the World Cup (no not THAT one!) and possible after the Chaos Edition DLC.  (Yeah name suggestions are starting to leak out....)

'nuffle said
Even the Goblin Coach suffers from a +1 to Injury rolls

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