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Rules & Regulations
03-11-2016, 07:26 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-02-2018, 09:48 PM by kordarus.)
Rules & Regulations
North American TTS League is a place for rookie and veteran players alike. We play 2x per week and  push end of days every Thursday and Sunday Midnight EST.  Turn timers are set for 3:00 each. 

We have been around the Blood Bowl scene for over 4 years and have a lot of experience running leagues.

You must be available and schedule to play for North American evening time zones of 6:00pm - 11pm.  (I love my other world brothers and sisters but the focus for this league is for our time zones)

First and foremost we are a friendly league and any non sportsman-like conduct may result in a perma-ban.

You are responsible for contacting your opponent before each match. You must use this forum for scheduling, but we encourage you to get in touch via steam so you can see when an opponent is online. (Reason we use forums is so that admins may look at who is saying what and when therefore enabling us to make better decisions based on the thread).


The following applies to conceding during a match

1.1 The Act of conceding may only be done during kickoff team placement.

1.2 A coach can ANNOUNCE their intent to concede on any turn if they have 5, or any amount more than 5, players LESS than their opponent.

If a coach can fulfill this requirement to concede during a drive, they may tell their opponent that they will concede after the drive. A screenshot is required showing the coach announcing his intent to concede and of the current board state as proof for the admins. 

The conceding coach may move their players away and must keep their prone players down. If the conceding coach throws blocks or tries to actively hinder the opposing coaches score after calling for the concede will be considered as having bad manners and sanctions may apply.

The opposing coach must focus on scoring, throwing blocks only if they need to (i.e. open a hole for the ball carrier) and must not foul or chase the opposing coaches players. Doing so will be considered bad manners and sanctions may apply.

Regardless if enough players return during the kick off setup to erase the 5 player deficit, the coach that announced his concede is still required to concede. Not doing so will be considered bad manners and sanctions may apply.

1.3  If a match is terminated due to a concede, each coach must not validate the match. An admin will have to review the match and make any adjustments based on the decision and then will validate.

1.4  The opposing coach gains all of the conceding coaches winnings and MVP award from the match. In addition, the conceding coach automatically loses one Fan Factor and may not roll for additional Fan Factor. Any players on the conceding coaches team that have 51 or more SPP will leave the team on a D6 roll with a result of 1-3. A separate roll will occur for each player with 51 or more SPP to see if they leave.

A coach that concedes during set up for a kick-off where they could only field 2 or fewer players will not suffer these consequences. A screenshot is required showing this board state as proof for the admins.

If you have an RL emergency while in the middle of the game you may either try to reschedule your game (and ask for a reset on the game) or concede the match and let the admins know about it as soon as possible.  No games should ever be left AFK or you will be removed and/or banned from the league.

2. Disconnects: Once will be a warning if there is a good reason. 2nd DC will result in removal (not ban) from the league (No matter the circumstances). 

Any disconnect before turn 2 is an mandatory reset. However this does not apply if there has been any SPP made by either side.  If there has been any SPP garnered or it is past the beginning of turn 2, the coach who did not disconnect must choose whether they accept the forfeit win or wish to reset the match.

3. No glitches or cheats of any kind.

4. This is a friendly league. No bad manners (BM) or you will be removed and possibly banned from the league.

5. Turn 16 (or end of game that does not lead to overtime) fouls are not permitted and is grounds for a ban. You may only foul on the final turn in retaliation to a turn 15 (turn before the final turn) foul OR if the player is in scoring position.

6. Expected play is during the evening hours of North American Time Zones. This means that if you can only play during the morning hours and cannot make the evening hours, this will result in a 2-0 forfeit by your team.

7. SCHEDULE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! You must attempt to contact your opponent on the forums (Steam messages do not count) and must schedule a firm time to play with your opponent. Large time frames are no longer acceptable. However, a narrow time frame is OK (such as a 1 hour time frame). If you or your opponent was not able to setup a FIRM TIME frame to meet, at least 24 hours prior to the push deadline, this will immediately result in a 0-0 draw. If you fail to attempt to make early contact on the forum (24 hours before the mandatory push for the main league.) (The Pit & CONTINUUM pushing 1x/week, you NEED to post something on the forum before Thursday night.) and if the game is not played. It will result in a 2-0 forfeit for your opponent.

If you continue to not make early contact (24 hours before the mandatory push) and your opponent has tried to message you, You could be subject to inquiry and may be removed (not banned) from the league.

8. If a firm time was setup and you have missed it, this will result in a 2-0 forfeit for your team. There will only be EXACTLY a 15 minutes window for being late without needing to say anything and not a second more or there will be a 2-0 forfeit.

9. If you do not contact your opponent on the scheduling forums (and your opponent has) this will result in a 2-0 Forfeit. If this continues frequently, you may be replaced.

10. If you are frequently drawing games due to not being able to make any firm times, you will be subject to inquiry by the Commissioner and may be replaced.

11. If neither you nor your opponent posts in the forums to schedule the match (even if you know your opponent has not played a match or has not shown up in forever) then the both of you will receive a 0-0 draw. If this continues then you will be subject to inquiry by the Commissioner and may be replaced.

12. If you need to go on vacation or know you will be out that weekend, Please let the League Admins know far ahead in advance (not just the day before). Also you must post on the forums the weeks you'll be out on the scheduling forums and let your opponent know.

By letting the League Admins know ahead of time those games missed during the vacation will be given a 2-1 loss instead of 2-0 forfeit losses. (Please note that this does not count for last minute circumstances and if you need to be out for the very next immediate match it will be counted as a 2-0 forfeit loss)

13. Matches where coaches have left the league and no game is possible will yield 2-1 win results and NOT 2-0 forfeit wins for the player who is playing them. The reasoning is that on average each game yields 10spp and with a 2-1 win the team still receives 11 total spp and did not risk any of their players getting hurt. Also this is a guaranteed win and where Nuffle is concerned there are no such guarantees in Blood Bowl elsewhere.

In cases where if a coach decides to not play their last game of the Round and they have no possibility of making it to the next round, they will be removed from the season (not banned) and will yield a 2-1 admin win to whomever they are playing against.

14. By joining this league you are allowing usage of your replays with or without your consent on the VG Purist's Youtube and Twitch channel.

15. You must watch the VG Purist videos on Youtube, or the Commissioner will give you nasty looks in league chat. That is all.

16. The last Matchday there will be a deadline set at 22:00 EST and every data including unspent gold, TV and etc... used for the division seeding or the playoff seeding, will be collected right after 22:00 EST and will be the official data used for the seeding. The only exception is if some games are playing or are scheduled before Midnight EST, then we will wait until the end of the game to collect the data. League still push at 23:59 EST, so don't forget to level up your players right away if you play past 22:00 EST if you need that extra TV for better seeding.
03-11-2016, 07:52 PM, (This post was last modified: 08-18-2017, 04:32 PM by VG Purist.)
RE: Rules & Regulations
This section explains how a playoff berth is given and/or your ranking in the playoffs in the event of a tie with another team. Wins are 3 points. Ties are 1 point. Losses are 0 points.

1. Whomever had won the last Head to head match
2. Higher amount of wins (If one coach has 1 win but the other has 3 draws; the coach with the 1 win goes on)
3. Higher Team Value + Unspent gold (up until 150k gold) *Any unused level ups will not be considered, if you want them to be counted please be sure to level up your players ASAP*
4. Total team SPP.
5. Whichever team has the highest SPP person.
6. If for some bizarre reason all of the above are tied, than it is obvious that the tied teams were colluding with each other and all of them are disqualified and the next teams in line will take their place.

For 3 way ties only:

The head to head matches will be analyzed between the 3 teams.  If there is a "triangular relationship" then the tiebreaker system will move on to the next steps. This only applies if all of the teams were able to play against one another.  If one or more teams did not play head to head then the tiebreaker rules will move on to next steps. 

For 4 or more way ties:

The head to head matches will NOT be analyzed between the teams and will immediately move on to the next steps. *The ONLY exception is if there is one team who has won all of their head to head matches against all of the other tied teams.  Again this exception only applies if all of the teams were able to play against one another.*
07-04-2017, 02:09 AM, (This post was last modified: 09-06-2017, 10:42 PM by VG Purist.)
RE: Rules & Regulations
Regulations for existing members:

1.   Please do not create a branch off special league with features for seasonal play outside of what is sanctioned by the admin team.  Please instead bring them up with us and we will be happy to institute a new league season with special features and we will help organize the event.  I would love nothing more than to host fun new options for the league!!  More than likely we will have 2 concurrent leagues taking place as we do now for the Sunday league 1x per week and the normal league 2x per week.

2.  Please do not personally offer promotional prizes for a league unless it is OK with an admin first.  I would like to leave real money out of this league as much as possible.  This is just for fun!  Not to say that we won't have prizes for special events but I do not want to be liable for any payments offered outside of the admin team.

3.  We are first and foremost a friendly league!!  Please be sure to use smileys and LOLs if you are joking around with folks so that they will know you are being silly.  Also if they ask you to stop, then please stop for a moment and consider the other person's emotions.

4.  If anyone disconnects or quits early from your game or something has happened out of the ordinary - PLEASE DO NOT AUTOVALIDATE YOUR GAME. Allow the admins to utilize the new admin tools of LE and give out the appropriate TDs and such to your team.
VG Purist


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